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The Story of Workington

It all began many, many jobs ago…

The Town of Workington was founded thousands of years ago by some of the hardest-working tools ever created.  Life was hard when they were working alone to survive.  They realized if they worked together they could easily get more done, and have fun while doing it.  This is how the Town of Workington was founded.

The tools all came together to build homes for everyone in Workington. The hard-working citizens of Workington built schools, stores, skyscrapers, playgrounds, music halls, fire, and police stations just to name a few of the many structures they constructed. The gardening tools were used to grow food in the gardens all around town which fed all of Workington.

Life in Workington is not just about hard work, but also about having a lot of fun. The tools love to sing, dance, and whistle while they work.  They enjoy celebrating when a new home is built, or a skyscraper erected.  All of Workington gathers to mark the completion of a new project.  There is much pride, joy, and love in Workington which makes it a very special place in all of our lives.

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