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Friends of Workington

Alan & His Friends

Tool type:

Allen Wrench

Alan the Wrench

Alan the Wrench is the hardest-working tool in all of Workington. He is an assembler at the largest furniture company in town. He loves his family and friends.

Tool type:


Jack Hammah

Jack Hammah is the gym teacher at Workington Elementary School. The kids all love Mr. Hammah because he always plays their favorite games in gym class.

Tool type:


Quentin Ratchet

Quentin Ratchet is a talented musician who can plan any instrument. Everyone in Workington calls Quentin by his nickname, “Q.”

Tool type:

Hand pruning shears

Ursula Prunez

Ursula Prunez is owner of the largest landscaping company in town, Ultimate Landscaping.

Tool type:

Plumb bob

Bob Plumb

Bob Plumb is Alan the Wrench’s best friend since kindergarten. He helps keep things straight and level.

Tool type:

Vice grips

Vic Grippz

Vic Grippz is the Mayor of Workington. He makes sure that Workington is in perfect working order.

Tool type:

Ball-peen hammer

Hank Hammah

Hank Hammah runs the local hardware store, The Tool Box. If you need supplies for any project go see Hank!

Tool type:

Groove joint pliers

Doctor Charles Lox

Doctor Charles Lox is Workington’s finest physician who tends to the needs of all the citizens in town.

Tool type:

Pipe Cutter

Piper Kuttah

Miss Kuttah is a schoolteacher at Workington Elementary School. She is Alan the Wrench Jr’s favorite teacher.

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