Welcome to Workington!

Workington is home to Alan the Wrench, his family, and friends.

Alan the Wrench’s first book is available on Amazon.

Welcome to Workington “A-Z”
Alan the Wrench’s family and friends were the hardest- working tools ever created. They worked together to build the Town of Workington, where it’s fun to meet its good citizens while learning the alphabet and discovering new tools.

Alan the Wrench’s second book is now available.

Working Together Against Bullying

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children . . .

Alan the Wrench Jr. and his classmates, at Workington Elementary School, deal with the same challenges growing up that many children reading this book will face in life. They’ll learn about working together against bullying with help from family, friends, and school officials to ensure that all children can thrive in a bully free environment.

Games and Activities!

Download Alan the Wrench’s Coloring Pages, Mazes, and Search-A-Words.

Come meet Alan the Wrench!

Alan the Wrench and the author make appearances at schools, libraries, hospitals, events and more. If interested in booking Alan the Wrench please email: josephparagonajr@alanthewrench.com

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